Course Upload Tips

  • Set the Course Price option or make it free.
  • Standard size for the course thumbnail is 700x430.
  • Video section controls the course overview video.
  • Course Builder is where you create & organize a course.
  • Add Topics in the Course Builder section to create lessons, quizzes, and assignments.
  • Prerequisites refers to the fundamental courses to complete before taking this particular course.
  • Information from the Additional Data section shows up on the course single page.

Additional Data

Benefit of the course

List the knowledge and skills that students will learn after completing this course. (One per line)

Requirements / Instructions

Additional requirements or special instructions for the students (One per line)

Targeted Audience

Specify the target audience that will benefit the most from the course. (One line per target audience.)

Materials Included

A list of assets you will be providing for the students in this course (One per line)