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Our Instructors

Julia Lu
Julia LuMusic Instructor
Learning music can take some effort, yet it provides so much beneficial potential. It builds soft skills that make a difference in both your professional and private life.
Macy Hui, PhD
Macy Hui, PhDPrecalculus Instructor
Precalculus is especially important because it provides you with the building blocks that you will need to learn in the higher up courses.
Piotr Bialas
Piotr BialasStatistics Instructor
Learning statistics can be great and fun, it helps us understand the world a little bit better through numbers.
Nancy Rivera
Nancy RiveraOnline Academy Instructor
Take some time to discover those skills that you may not be aware are in you. There is a satisfying return when you apply time to master your skills.
Graciela Campbell, MS
Graciela Campbell, MSSpanish Language Instructor
Language is the getaway into another culture. Spanish is the world's second most spoken language; learning it will prepare you for aboard opportunities.
Graciela Campbell, MS
Graciela Campbell, MSArts & Crafts Instructor
Art expressions in a positive, tangible and meaningful way. Practice collaboration, patience, creativity while having fun and being unique.